‘Friday’ star Anthony ‘AJ’ Johnson died from alcohol abuse

(She had enemas frequently, as did other Hollywood stars.) Again, following her death, there was a cover-up by the Los Angeles Police Department and the government. On August 4, 1962, at age 36, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bedroom in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles. Her death was ruled a suicide from an overdose of barbiturates and chloral hydrate. However, her death is still a mystery, and many are convinced that she was murdered by organized crime, the FBI, or the CIA. In order to preserve the Elvis image and legacy, a “cover up” was initiated by the family and the pathologists. The stomach contents at autopsy were destroyed before analysis, no real police investigation was conducted, and no drugs were found at Graceland. Numerous celebrities of the past half century have been plagued with substance abuse problems, with disastrous results. This article highlights some of the most famous cases and briefly discusses medical views of substance abuse from Osler’s time to the present. In 2015, he told the Mirror“It is my responsibility to do the best I can and to take it one day at a time. The scariest is when you go into a meeting and you’re like, ‘Where’s Steve?

He died at age 27, leaving behind wife Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean Cobain. The rate of drug use among teenagers has been cut nearly in half since its peak 30 years ago. Drug courts are now common, and the criminal justice system has become the most powerful force in the country supporting addiction treatment. Education is the key—not only teaching youth about the health dangers celebrities that died from alcohol of specific drugs but also teaching about the disease of addiction. Finally, treatment programs should address general wellness and factors leading to addiction, including poverty, lack of education, impaired mental health, and abuse. Aside from her fame as Princess Leia in “Star Wars”, Carrie Fisher was also well-known for her public statements about her health and addictions.

#6: Amy Winehouse

The cause of death was determined to be a heroin overdose, possibly accelerated with alcohol. Joplin was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 and awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005. Celebrity deaths are always tragic, but losing notable stars to severe drinking problems is no different. The famous comedian abused cocaine and alcohol early in his career, but quit when friend and fellow comedian, John Belushi, died of a cocaine and heroin overdose in 1982. After that, the late actor struggled off and on with alcohol for years until his death in 2014.

Prince died of an accidental fentanyl overdose, the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office said Thursday. The 57-year-old musician joins a lengthy list of celebrities who have died as a result of substance addiction. On December 29, 2020, it was announced that he had died of alcohol-induced liver degeneration, something that was caused by his years of excessive drinking. Several songs that he’d recorded with Bodom After Midnight were later released posthumously. Instead Sober Home of replacing Laiho, however, it was announced that the group would be disbanding. Dolores O’Riordan was the lead singer for the alternative rock band the Cranberries. Known for her deep mezzo-soprano voice, she had released several albums with the group including No Need to Argue, To the Faithful Departed, and Bury the Hatcher, all of which topped multiple music charts. By the mid-90s, they had reached international stardom with millions of record sales worldwide.

Celebrities Who Survived Drug Overdoses

Sometimes they are blessings in disguise, a wake-up call for individuals suffering from addiction. Several stars have experienced drug overdoses, and many say the experience helped them get their lives back on track. On September 18, 1970, Hendrix consumed nine sleeping pills prescribed to his girlfriend, Monika Dannemann’s Vesparax. Dannemann awoke the next day to find Hendrix unresponsive and barely breathing. She called an ambulance, but Hendrix was announced dead less than two hours later at St. Mary Abbott’s Hospital in London. The cause of death was ruled suffocation from inhaling vomit because of barbiturate intoxication. Accidental death was ruled out because the amount of drugs in her system was much higher than the lethal dosage.

Since his starring role on “Baywatch”, David Hasselhoff become notorious for his alcoholism. A home video of a drunken Hasselhoff went viral in 2007, receiving airtime on countless news programs and across the internet. His visitation rights with his daughters were temporarily suspended, forcing him to seek serious help for his addiction. Betty Ford, the wife of former President Gerald Ford, suffered from alcoholism and addiction to painkillers. She raised public awareness of addiction by confessing to her long-time battle with alcoholism in the 1970s. When she finally recovered, she established the Betty Ford Center to help others overcome substance and alcohol abuse.

His exhaustion from regular drug abuse, pressures of stardom and fatigue from touring were noticeable in his last performances. In the months leading up to Prince’s death, his friends and family were reportedly becoming increasingly concerned with Prince’s prescription drug use. On a flight home from an Atlanta concert, the Academy Award-winning singer overdosed on Percocet that he was taking for hip problems. If a celebrity develops an addiction, he or she needs treatment like everyone else. When they struggle to stop using drugs, fans and critics have difficulty understanding why it’s difficult for a person with fame and fortune to control their actions. Heath Ledger died from a prescription drug overdose at age 28.
celebrities that died from alcohol
I couldn’t connect.” She dealt with clinical depression, too, after her father died in 2002. “The Boss” had bouts of depression in his 60s that “lasted for a long time,” he told CBS Sunday Morning. I got to where I didn’t want to get out of bed.” He said it didn’t affect his work, and wife Patti Scialfa’s “strength and love” were key. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it’s going to be all right.’ ” He also got help for the condition from therapy and medication. The actress, known for voicing the character of Anna in the movie Frozen, says she’s had depression since she was in college. In an essay for the website Motto, Bell says, “There’s nothing weak about struggling with mental illness.” She says she went public to try to shed more light on the disorder and ease the stigma around it. Ark Behavioral Health offers 100% confidential substance abuse assessment and treatment placement tailored to your individual needs. If you or a loved one struggles with heroin use disorder, please contact us today to learn about our heroin addiction treatment programs. Substance abuse is especially common among celebrities as they have the wealth and connections to obtain illicit substances.

Essential Facts About Alcohol Abuse

Aaliyah went on to release “One in a Million” at age 17, which was certified double-platinum within a year. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, and all aboard were killed. Amy Winehouse is just the latest troubled star whose death may be tied to ongoing celebrities that died from alcohol drug and alcohol issues. Here’s a look back at other beloved actor and musician addicts who left us too soon. Actor Heath Ledger died in January 2008 of an overdose of a number of prescription drugs, including codeine, temazepam, diazepam, and alprazolam.

Who is the most famous alcoholic?

  • Vincent Van Gogh. Dutch painter.
  • Stephen King. American writer.
  • Alexander the Great. Macedonian King.
  • Leonard Nimoy. American actor.
  • Betty Ford. American First Lady.
  • Buzz Aldrin. American astronaut.
  • Ernest Hemingway. American writer.
  • Elizabeth Taylor. American actress.

This is a list of celebrities who died from their addiction to alcohol. While we may be more accustomed to celebrities dying to heroin and other drugs, many have died due to an addiction to alcohol. Alcoholism is more than simply a lack of self control; today, it is considered an all out addictive disorder. He was found dead in his home and his manager confirmed it was suicide, by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It was later released that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was suffering from depression before his death. He’s remembered fondly as the “Famous Jett Jackson” from the Disney Channel original movie and series. From the JourneyPure team where we get to explore a wide variety of substance abuse- and mental health-related topics.

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